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About Asado Grill

Asado Grill was set up to satisfy those un-answered BBQ needs, we hope our products will inspire you to have a BBQ more often.

As the sole Inventor of the Asado Range, Giles Griffiths has spent many years as a product designer for top firms such as Conde Nast, Elite mobile, Wesco and Zeon. His constantly inventive mind has brought his talents to many avenues including...the Instant BBQ!..

Giles was without his normal BBQ one day and needed to get an instant BBQ PDQ. Once purchased he could not find anywhere to use it and in typical style got an old chrome towel rail, sliced and diced it until he had fashioned the BBQ stand. After a very successful instant BBQ, he left it at that! Time after time he used the stand with a great response from friends and colleagues and so he thought he would market it....but what to call it.

Invited by a colleague to a restaurant in Manchester call the Gaucho Grill and whilst relaying the story of the BBQ stand came across the restaurant introduction in the menu. He read that the Gauchos used a portable grill known as the 'ASADO' to grill their prime Argentinean steaks. Fate had played its course!

Nearly 10 years on and the range has been extended from simply the Asado Grill.  Staying with the theme that the ASADO can be used anywhere on land and sea, from home to beach. The Instant BBQ should be seen as a cartridge, just like having an ink cartridge and a stylish pen! The ASADO grill supplies finesse around the instant BBQ rather than 2 bricks or a burnt patch.

The Instant BBQ is the cleanest form of BBQing. In fact the Instant BBQ is a great invention. Cheap to buy, easy to obtain and once used can be recycled with no mess, fuss or cleaning!!




Featured Products

Asado Grill Mat

The Asado Grill Mats are a magical solution for those foods we didn’t used to be able to grill, that were never before considered to be BBQ foods.

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Asado Boat BBQ

Asado Boat BBQ was specifically designed to make having a BBQ on your boat very simple and an enjoyable event.

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Asado Flameboy

From one position you are able to grab a bun cut it open, either spatula a burger or fork a sausage to the bun, adding salad with the tongs, whilst opening a beer for your mate and a bottle of wine for the Mrs! without changing utensil.

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Hello from us!

Hi, I'm Giles, inventor of the Asado Grill range.

I'm very pleased to bring our range within the Out & About Live marketplace, and I'm very confident you'll love using them too! All the products are based around the Instant BBQ. We supply the safe cooking environment for there use. We Only use the best Bamboo charcoal which is hotter than Hardwood charcoal and it emits NO carbon dioxide and therefore does not pollute the planet.

Happy BBQing!

Giles Griffiths