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Automotive Brands is a brand owner and development company that develops worldwide market awareness and sales channels for high quality products from automotive manufacturers. We achieve this with website design, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, point of sale design, pay per click campaigns, magazine publications, sponsorship deals and TV advertising.

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Automotive Brands is a brand development company that develops market awareness and sales channels in the UK and Europe for high quality products from worldwide automotive manufacturers.

Power Maxed are proud sponsors of the British Touring Car Championships which is a revolutionary new range of cleaning solutions designed with one aim, to bring top quality professional results without the high end price tag. With a wide range of products being designed to suit any vehicle including; motorbikes, motor homes, caravans, mountain bikes and more, you can keep any vehicle looking its best with our ready to use or concentrated formulas.

The costs of running and maintaining any vehicle are going one way, more and more people are looking for affordable solutions every day. Our wide range will not only help the wallet but bring the valet results to you. Power Maxed’s high quality range will clean, enhance, gloss, wax, and protect any vehicles paintwork.

With Power Maxed our range of products are non caustic, this will ensure that our products won't damage, corrode or burn. Our products have added foam boosters giving you an even better clean and even added waxes giving you a better finish and across our entire range our products are solvent free and even smell great!

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and providing high quality service, with products that bring you showroom results and a team striving to be the best Power Maxed will soon become the only cleaning range you will need.


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J-B Weld SteelStik Epoxy Putty

J-B SteelStik Reinforced Epoxy Putty. SteelStik is a non-rusting, steel reinforced epoxy putty that quickly repairs or rebuilds anything made of metal.

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J-B Weld Original Epoxy Adhesive

J-B Weld is The Original Cold Weld two-part epoxy system that provides strong, lasting repairs to multiple surfaces.

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J-B Weld High Strength Thread Locker

J-B Weld Threadlockers provide a superior lock and seal for threaded fasteners.

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