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Dicky bag : Dog Walking Poop Solution


Dog Walking Freedom: it's in the bag!

The Cornish Way to an Idylic Dog Walk

The No.1 Answer To Dog's No.2's!

Travelling with your dog? Picking up and being responsible? Full marks BUT...there's not always a bin when you need it, which is why the clever owners are investing in The Dicky Bag. The Dicky Bag is an award winning stylish neoprene bag that’s lightweight, airtight, washable and leak proof which can be attached to you or your dog and stores those nasty knotted plastic bags until you find a suitable bin.

Walking a dog is one of life's pleasures which is tainted with one huge downside; clearing up and transporting disgusting dog waste to a bin. This is always unpredictable and often far from a bin. With a Dicky Bag™ you're always prepared and have all you need to enjoy your walk again.

The Dicky Bag™ is a carrier, with odour prevention devices, to put those awkward plastic bags containing dog's poop in until you get to an appropriate disposal point - leaving your hands free and prevents inappropriate dumping of plastic bags of dog waste in the town or countryside.

On your idyllic walk you should look good and feel great - not be burdened by carrying an awkward smelly bag in search of an elusive bin! Mumpreneur Mandy Davies thought so and invented the Dicky Bag, a little bag for dog mess. “I would’ve happily paid £1 for someone to take that dreadful bag away, but that would’ve become expensive if I did it on every walk – The Dicky Bag costs from as little as £21 and instantly removes my nasty knotted poop bag problem and has done on at least 1500 walks."

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Dicky Bag on Grand Designs with Streetkleen

Pictured: Mandy, Kevin McCloud & Streetkleen Founder Gary Downie

Streetkleen provided a practical demonstration of turning dog waste into usable biogas for Channel 4 program Grand Designs featuring Kevin McCloud.

Here you see Streetkleen founder and Chief Executive Gary Downie explain to Kevin McCloud our plans to tackle the issues associated with dog fouling whilst creating clean,renewable energy at the same time.

Assisted by volunteer helpers and rescued dogs from North Clywd Animal Rescue Centre, Kevin McCloud collected a sample of dog waste that we processed through our partners waste anaerobic digestion facility to create usable energy.

Expected transmission Autumn 2012.


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Purple Flower Dicky Bag

With a Dicky Bag™ you're always prepared and have all you need to enjoy your walk again.

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Hello from us!

Hi, We are the Davies family, inventors of the Dickybag

This is a British invention, Patented design & Hand Made in Newquay, Cornwall.

It's a solution for responsible dog-owners who find themselves a long way from a dog-waste bin.

See you Out and About!


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