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A new way to avoid bites!

The Don't Bite Me! Patch provides an alternative to traditional insect repellent by deterring insects, not repelling them. Studies have shown that Vitamin B1 metabolizes in the body to reduce human odours attractive to insects.  Now you can simply put on a patch - The Don't Bite Me! Patch, for up to 36 hours of total body coverage.

Whether you are swimming, camping, golfing, gardening, hunting, fishing or watching an outdoor sporting event, you can now enjoy your time outdoors, not dread it!

The Don't Bite Me! Patch is DEET free!  A new study shows that DEET causes neurological damage and recommends additional research on DEET.  Also, this study recommends additional research of natural alternatives to DEET.  Other studies are showing that DEET could be responsible for the Gulf War Syndrome and birth defects in baby boys.  Although the EPA has recommended DEET products for years, many consumers are now looking for a natural alternative to deter insects.  

The Don't Bite Me! Patch delivers a blend of Vitamin B1 and Aloe, making it natural, simple and safe. Features of the patch are: waterproof, full body coverage, safe for use on children, long lasting and ease of use. Say goodbye to messy sprays, lotions and towelettes. Also, the patch is clear so it's perfect for use on all skin tones. It can even be worn beneath clothing!

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Don't Bite Me! Patch is a Natural insect repellent, containing vitamin B1 and Aloe in a topical patch. Simply apply one patch, 2 hours prior to going outdoors. Safe for use on children, waterproof and protects for up to 36 hours.

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We're proud to bring the Don't Bite Me Patch to The Out & About Live Community!

Nobody enjoys being bitten by mosquitos and midges. Our DEET-free patch is simple to use and really works.

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Don't Bite Me!

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