Out & About Live Accessory Marketplace Help & Frequently Asked Questions

The Out & About Live Accessory Marketplace is a collection of carefully selected partners and products to give you a one-stop-shop for all your Caravanning, Camping and Motorhoming gear and accessories. You can find help and answers to our frequently asked questions here. If you need to get in touch you can contact us

Purchasing Items

Q: How do I purchase items from the Out & About Live Partner Area?

Once registered, buying singular items from any of our partner sellers is straight forward and much like any other shop you may use. Add items to your basket, then proceed through the checkout process - it's that simple!

Q: I've seen Kindred RM on my bank statement. Who are they?

Kindred RM provide the technology that powers the Out & About Live Partner Area, including the payment processing, this is why purchases you make in the Out & About Live Partner Area appear as Kindred RM on your bank statement. 

Group Offers

Q: What is a Group Offer?

Out & About Live Group Offers are fantastic offers brought exclusively to the Out & About Live community from time to time by some of our selected partners. Group Offers require a minimum number of purchases, are limited to a maximum number of purchases and only run for one-week. Make sure you get in early!

Q: How do I purchase an Out & About Live Group Offer?

In order for Group Offers to work there must be a minimum number of people that commit to the offer by placing a Purchase Promise. Once the minimum number has been reached you can be confident that the offer will close successfully. When you place a Purchase Promise we don't complete the payment - we only do this when the offer closes - typically this is Monday following when you've made your Purchase Promise. Payment will only be taken when minimum numbers are reached - but there's only ever a limited number available, so if you snooze you lose!


Q: What is the delivery time for items on the Out & About Live Partner Area?

Since items you buy in the Out & About Live Partner Area are from a collection of different partners the delivery times will vary. Each partner publishes their delivery policy within their storefront. It's available by clicking on the link in the left column when you're browsing a partner storefront or item.  

Q: Why am I being charged more than one delivery charge?

If you buy items from different Out & About Live Partners you will be liable for delivery charges from each partner. Some partners offer free delivery, others charge for delivery based on the amount you spend with them. Delivery charges (where applicable) are available to view from each item, and are calculated in the basket. 

Q: My order hasn't arrived, how do I get help?

Your order is handled entirely by the Out & About Live Partner. You should contact the partner in question with any queries relating to your order. Contact details for each partner are available in the partner's storefront and in your order confirmation email.


Q: What is the returns policy for the Out & About Live Partner Area?

Each Out & About Live Partner operates their own returns policy. Each partner publishes their returns policy within their storefront. It's available by clicking on the link in the left column when you're browsing a partner storefront or item.  

Contacting an Out & About Live Partner

Q: How do I contact an Out & About Live Partner Area Partner?

Full contact details are available for each partner with their storefront. It's available by clicking on the links in the Get in Touch box in the left column when you're browsing a partner storefront or item. Additionally contact details are available for each partner you've purchased items from in your order confirmation email.

Becoming an Out & About Live Partner

Q: I've got items I'd like to make available to the Out & About Live audience via the Out & About Live Partner Area. Who do I contact?

The Partner Area is powered by Kindred RM, who are always on the look out for suitable partners. To get in touch email them at support@kindredrm.com.


Buying FAQs

General FAQs


Am I automatically billed when I place a Purchase Promise against a Group Offer?

No. Buyer payments are only processed when a Group Offer is successful. No payments are taken if a Group Offer closes unsuccessfully.

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Are Group Offer prices guaranteed?

Once a Purchase Promise is placed against any Group Offer, you have guaranteed your place in the group to have the Item at the price displayed, should the Group Offer close successfully.

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Can I suggest a Group Offer to run?

Group Offers are created and placed by Sellers registered to the Kindred RM platform. If there's a specific product you would like to see in a Group Offer, or indeed a favourite retailer you want to see within a marketplace, please let us know via suggestions@Kindred RM.com.

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How does payment work?

All Purchase Promises are processed immediately upon the successful closure of a Group Offer, and upon accepting any individual Item for sale from any Seller. Buyer payments are collected by Kindred RM, and your delivery details will be instantaneously passed to the successful seller. The seller then delivers the purchased items, and Kindred RM makes payment to the seller.

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I haven't received my registration email. Where might it be?

The email from Kindred RM may have been treated as 'Spam' or 'Junk Mail' by either your email programme (eg Microsoft Outlook) or your ISP. Please check your Spam and/or Junk Email folder/s, and if necessary, adjust your settings.

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My Item hasn't arrived. What do I do?

Please contact the Seller directly. Seller contact details can be found in the confirmation email sent to you after buying your Item. These same details are also automatically stored in your Kindred RM account.

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What is a Purchase Promise?

Purchase Promises are an important aspect of the Kindred RM community. By placing a Payment Promise against a Group Offer, you are committing to purchase that item at the price shown, and the payment will be processed unless the Group Offer is not satisfied.

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Who are Kindred RM?

Kindred RM provides marketplace technologies to its 'Community Owner' partners. For more details of who we are, and what we do, visit www.Kindred RM.com

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