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Mini Fire Fighter

Mini Firefighter are proud to introduce to the Out & About marketplace their unique Aerosol can which contains Bold Foam 40 Fire extinguishing Foam

Mini Firefighter is brand new to the UK - after selling over 1 million cans throughout Europe last year.
This small light weight aerosol contains an extinguishing foam which has been approved and tested   for use on all of the following Fire Category’s: -

A = Solid fire i.e. Wood/Fabric/Cardboard/Plastic etc
B= Hydrocarbons i.e. Petrol / Diesel/Solvents
F= Fat and Oil Fires
And Electrical Fires (Tested to 35,000 volts)



The uniqueness of this product is due to the Foam (Boldfoam F 40) which on release expands to over 30 times its original size and produces 7- 9 litres of foam in 15-20 seconds.

Due to its size and capability it is ideally suitable for Caravans, Campsites, Cars and Vans  and of course outdoor events such as Barbeques and Camp Fires.

  • It is small, easy to store and if necessary can be carried with you at all times.
  • It is Non Toxic, non-irritant and Biodegradable (can be used in confined spaces)
  • Because of its size it can be placed exactly where there is the most likelihood of a fire
  • It has a High Cooling Capacity
  • It forms a stable, heat resistant foam
  • It suffocates fires, stops re-ignition and turns fat and oil into a soapy mixture
  • Easy to clean up – foam dissolves after use.
  • It is user friendly, - it is an aerosol, and everyone can use it – no training required.
  • It has been tested, approved and complies to all EEC regulations (UK:EN 3-7:2014+A1)


There is no need to use all the contents in one go- It can be used again and again until the aerosol is empty.

Mini Firefighter does not replace conventional chunky Fire Extinguishers: But it complements them.

A Mini Fire Fighter positioned at the right place at the right time will stop the small fire from becoming a major fire

.Therefore, Mini Firefighter is offering the Out & About Members this great opening offer:

One Can – Normal Price £25 including Post and packing, Special Introductory offer £17.95 including Post and packing and VAT

Two Can Pack – Normal Price £40 including post and Packing and VAT, (Ideal for Caravan, Car, Boats, home etc…), Special Introductory offer £29.95 including Post and packing and VAT

This fire extinguisher is perfect as it takes up no room at all in my caravan and knowing that I have it there brings me a lot of peace of mind. It is really easy to use- just a simple shake and spray application and it will do all fires. It's as small as a deodorant can, making it ideal for kitchen, caravans and cars.'' 

Mrs Butcher, Amazon Customer


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Hello from us!

Hello I'm Alex!

As a Fire Officer I can say that the mini firefighter is a most innovative product. Using expanding foam to subdue and extinguish small fires in varying environments.

Creating no fumes or powder and limited mess after use. Pocketsize and compact it can be easily stowed or carried. Offering reassurance when exploring the outdoors!
Alex Daw.

Serving Fire Officer
20 years service.