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Caravan and Motorhome Level Indication Solutions

After a long journey to your campsite, do you want to set up as quickly as possible and get the kettle on? Is rushing back and forth checking a spirit level wearing a bit thin?  If so a “Pitch Perfect” product could be the answer for you.

Pitch Perfect products have been designed to make levelling a caravan or motorhome a much easier and quicker one person process with no need to repeatedly check a spirit level. The LED indicators are highly visible from distance, in direct sunlight, in the dark and in some cases even from the driver’s position.

Incorrectly levelled caravans or motorhomes can cause problems with the water drainage and cause uncomfortable sleep. The caravan fridge must also be level to operate correctly.


Five products are available:


The integrated LED level (dual axis) system is discreetly installed under the caravan floor. Two fibre optic indicators positioned under the front offside and on the A frame enable easy external viewing of level indication.

Integrated LED Level

LED LEVEL (side panel suction mount)

NEW VERSION: The LED level (side panel suction mount) system enables simple attachment to the caravan side panel by means of a spring loaded scratchproof suction cup. The system enables easy external viewing of side to side level indication from any position, from distance and in the dark.

For front to back levelling the sensor assembly is placed either on the A frame step, an internal work surface visible through the caravan front window or inside the door.


LED Level (side panel suction mount)


The LED level can be used in the same way as a spirit level for levelling motorhomes, caravans and for other general levelling purposes in the home. It is easily viewed through the caravan windows, from distance and in the dark.

LED Level


The LED level and dashboard mounting bracket enables easy viewing of level indication from the driver’s position.



LED Level And Dashboard Mounting Bracket

Accurate     -      Perfect Levelling     -       Sturdy      -     Reliable      -     Easy to Install    -     Visible in the Dark


NEW VERSION: The interior mount twin axis LED level enables easy visibilty of level indication from the tow car and front of the caravan.








Twin Axis LED Level

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Pitch Perfect Integrated LED Level

Pitch Perfect - The Unique Caravan Level Indicator System

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Pitch Perfect LED Level (side panel suction mount) for caravans.

The caravan can now be levelled by one person without use of a spirit level.

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Twin Axis LED Level

Interior mount twin axis LED level indicator system.

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Hi, I'm Peter Iles, designer of the Pitch Perfect level indication systems. Why do you need it? The Pitch Perfect levelling procedure only requires one person! Levelling procedure time is reduced with less stress! No requirement to check level with a spirit level! Please Get In Touch for more info.

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